CRforCW, Warrior’s Circle and others partner to create a community ripple effect. Much like a stone thrown into a pond creates ripples that go out in all directions, we are helping each individual realize their incredible gifts and self-worth so they in turn can be the strength that helps their brothers and sisters. As you can read in the success story highlighted below, any resource can become a blessing – from prayer, to work skills and training, to social networking and/or financial support.

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Coat Event
Special Delivery
Cyndi and dog, Alex

I visited Pine Ridge in early November 2017, not having a clue as to why the Lord was directing me to GO! While I was there, and only because the Lord orchestrated it, I met a sweet lady, Bonita, who lives right outside the reservation and does mission work on the reservation. In my very short conversation with her, she shared that her hope was to collect 100 new coats to hand out as Christmas presents to the Lakota children and teenagers during a December 22 party she and others were giving. I felt the Lord leading me to assist her with the collection of these coats! I reached out to many friends and acquaintances, and in a few short weeks, between financial donations plus 70 new coats donated, I was able to fill my SUV and drive from Dallas to South Dakota to personally deliver 125 new coats in time for their party!

Please consider helping with any resource that you may have. One gift at a time, no matter how small, exactly mirrors how all astounding events in human history have happened, with one idea or purpose and one person, then the next person and the next, all joining forces until you have an army – an army of Warriors!

We are becoming that army.

Help us make a difference and save one of the greatest resources that has blessed America – the First Nations People.