CRforCW is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation, founded in 2009, whose mission is to bring positive change to less fortunate individuals throughout the world. Over the years, we have worked with great organizations like Rotary, Rotary International, World Vision, Hands to Honduras, Living Water International and Engineers without Border, just to name a few. We have seen the successful completion of projects that have found, distributed, cleaned or stored water for indigenous people of 5 different countries. NOW, we are focusing our efforts towards the First Nations of North America, primarily the children and young adults of our Native American population who exist in an environment of extreme “high risk”.

These children are living in areas of unbelievable economic and spiritual poverty, where suicides rates between the ages of 15 and 24 are 3 times the national average, and is the second leading cause of death. Percentages of Native American youth affected by addiction, alcoholism, domestic violence, disease and poverty is truly astounding. These are not the facts about children and young people in ANOTHER COUNTRY – these are the facts right HERE IN OUR COUNTRY!

Bringing positive change & love to Native American communities

CRforCW NOW has an amazing opportunity available to us on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation of South Dakota and in the neighboring areas of Nebraska. Several of our Board of Directors are now actually residing in these locales, allowing us huge access to the Native American communities and great accountability to our partners and donors. One of the founding precepts of CRforCW has always been to guarantee donors that every penny of their dollar is going exactly where we as a nonprofit corporation have designated. One of the ways we guarantee total transparency is to always have local partners with any project who will be 100% accountable to CRforCW – providing project data, invoices, accounting, pictures, emails, phone calls and videos. Now, we will be blessed with members of our own Board of Directors permanently in the area, with our goal to establish locality and provide a base of operations to consolidate resources for more effective assistance. This is a key element towards our drive to bring into focus more specific goals, one of which is to further educate, motivate and enlarge our network of “friends” or what we refer to as our fellow “warriors”.

Our 2019 summer art program was a huge success! Special thanks to Carole Lantz, from Eaton, Ohio, who is our talented artist and teacher for this program, and Cyndi Crawford of CRforCW who assisted and helped pull this event together. We are with Edison Red Nest and his organization, Native Futures. Twenty-one kids and lots of adults showed up. We were very worried about participation because this is something new, but thank you for your prayers, as you can see we have about as many that can fit into the Native Futures’ office!

Equine Based Outreach

CRforCW has found a particular niche where we believe there is an incredible opening and pathway to establishing ourselves as a beacon of safety, acceptance, and unconditional love and guidance, for the “at high risk” child and young adult in this area of South Dakota and northern Nebraska. By establishing a shelter where there are programs and opportunities to work with horses, we know that we are welcomed into a culture that is historically and currently still steeped in strong relationship with the horse! We have a great advantage in that most of the Board of Directors of CRforCW are accomplished equestrians – all of our past water/well programs were funded by ringside events at major horse shows throughout the Southwest! Having said that, we believe God has given us a new direction by spreading His love first by utilizing a resource of His creation that all of us have many, many years of experience with and share a great love. This is our new path and we are well suited for this with personal backgrounds ranging from current competitors in the Hunter/Jumper arena to Western Horsemanship and Rodeo. We all know horses, and we have spent lifetimes loving them; riding, competing and teaching others to safely do the same.

Life Changing Miracles

CRforCW has lots of challenges in front of us but these are only great opportunities and they are becoming more available to us daily. Personal relationships are strengthening with existing youth programs and ministries, including local efforts and community services. We are pushing forward to make inroads, establish trust and in the very near future provide a place of physical safety and spiritual love – the CRforCW Horse Center.

Please consider joining us with any resources that you have – prayer time, work skills and training, social networking and/or financial support. Please help us use Christ’s Resources for Christ’s Warriors and connect with us any way you can.

All our funds go to charity!

As a means to raise funds, Jo Jo White, the founder of CRforCW wrote a children’s book. Top Cat’s Second Chance is an inspirational book about forgiveness, hope, love and second chances! Through beautiful illustrations and photos, this 30 page book tells the TRUE story of a failed Thoroughbred race horse who became a National Champion. Available on Amazon